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This is a list of my most recent independent projects. Contact me for additional information and demoing. More details at linkedin or in my Visual CV.


Category: Android photo viewer


This was my first Android project but it is still an ongoing project, currently with almos 20,000 downloads for the free version. I started it briefly after getting my first Android device and I made it mainly because I couldn’t find such an app available in the market. This is a smart slideshow app, with the advantage that it loads photos (and videos) from a local, network  or internet (like Dropbox) sources so that you don’t need to use up local storage and the contents are always up to date. The business edition is focused on synchronized and distributed content for business to display up to date information (e.g. real estate agents displaying newest properties among their shops by just updating their Dropbox folder).


Mad Robots

Category: Iphone shooting gallery (inspired by Shinobi bonus level)


This was my first independent iOS project, working in collaboration with a very talented artist. The game features an easy swipe-to-throw interface (with an alternative, compass based, control), along with simple shooting gallery mechanics and cute cartoony artwork. It also implements social features like GameCenter leaderboard and posting score to facebook.

The game is currently pending approval to the App store.

Aliens vs Humans

Category: Iphone turret defense game (ala Plants vs Zombies)


This project was created by a team of artists and coders at Gamer Camp: Nano, using Cocos2d. During three weeks we developed a Plants vs Zombies clone with some special features like defensive units moving forward (as opposed to only static ‘turrets’). It was my first iOS work and, as the lead programmer, I took care of gameplay mechanics (sprites moving and shooting, collisions, win/lose conditions, enemy waves system), polishing (animations, special effects) and team organization.

The game is available in iTunes:


Category: Android survival game


This is a 3D game where the main character has to run away from evil hordes while searching for his girlfriend. To try to stop the monsters he can throw small objects at them (using a simple physics model).


White glove

Category: Android stealth game


This is a top down view game where the main character has to steal some object avoiding security. While the genre is not new, the game is innovative in the control method, using the touch screen to draw the path to walk (or run, depending on swipe speed). Some of the features include:

  • hacking security through minigames
  • hiding in shadows
  • guards, cameras and laser sensors
  • detectable noise generated by player depending on speed and surface
  • elaborated storyline with twists
  • and much more!

(Note that graphics were created by others)


A PC port (with limited features) is available here (Java applet, no installation required).

and an older low quality video:


Category: Android 3D game


I developed this proof of conceptfor two reasons: to get some basic knowledge on 3D programming with Open GL, and to implement an idea I had previously seen on projecting a virtual world onto the real one, making user movements modify the virtual view, that is, pointing phone and pico projector up would display the virtual ceiling of the game on the real ceiling.

Previous examples of such virtual technology were using computers, special sensors hardware and/or Wii controllers. My proof of concept only requires an Android phone and the pico projector.


and an older low quality video:


Category: Android camera app


Based on an idea I had in mind for a long time, I created a camera application that would use both front and back cameras to shoot and merge both sources. The result is a photo that includes the photographer and the subject. This can be a nice option when taking a crowd picture, so that everybody (even the person taking it) shows up. Due to platform limitations, this app only works on Samsung Galaxy S (although a newer version, based on Android 2.3, could support other hardware).



Category: Micro console + game


The idea behind this project was learning some electronics and using embedded processors. I created a micro console that used an led matrix and a PIC processor to execute a simple space shooter. This was quite a challenge, because of my minimal electronics knowledge and the computing restrictions of the hardware. PIC processors (the low end models) are not very powerful but I was happy that I could cram a space ships game with scrolling background, enemy waves and sound effects (plus a customizable text scrolling mode) in about 4kw* of ROM. This was developed in C (which would slightly increase size versus machine code, but made development much easier).

* 4096 words, with (RISC) instructions being one word in size and each word being 12 bits

UrbanQuest / QRQuest

Category: Location based RPG for phones (J2ME)


Developed before phones with integrated GPS were a common thing, this game would use QR codes (2D bar codes) placed in the real world (i.e. in the streets) to load virtual locations were the player would perform typical role playing quests like finding objects that a character would need, killing monsters, buying items and so on. The QR codes would map to the virtual world to provide storyline content, goals, rewards and dependencies with other codes (so that you could roam around an area of the city having to accomplish mini-quests in certain order).

Two versions were created, first one requiring internet connection, with code just as location id, while the second would have quest information compressed in the code.


Category: Platformer demo (Flash)


This was a demo created for a certain video games company. It was my first Flash project, quickly done and with not much dedication, as I was busy with exams. It is therefore not a very polished work but it had good potential, combining puzzle element, through the different tools (e.g. glasses to detect hidden objects, magnet for ‘long  jumps’), and the traditional platformer challenges.

Graphics were created by a friend.



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