This is a small project (two weeks) I started with two goals in mind:

– learn a bit on OpenGL ES: the basics on modelling, transformations, lighting and 3D representation…

– develop a game that can be controlled through the phone’s sensors (for bearing and tilt) and, using a projector, create a different gaming environment, where the player points at the real world to see the virtual bits… that is, the projector acts like a ‘magic flashlight’

now the result is not spectacular, there’s certainly space for improvement and quite a few glitches/bugs to fix, but I didn’t want to invest a lot of time on it. Still, I think it accomplishes what I wanted to achieve and is a neat trick to show… now who’s going to use this control method for a Quake port (or other commercial game)?!? 🙂

you can download Trapped! at the Android market… and/or see a quick demo

… and an older (crappier) video…


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