White glove, beta…

Update: latest version available in Android market!

Here’s the first beta release for a game I’m developing: White glove…
I got a cheap Android tablet from China so I decided to try out the Android platform (or viceversa). After developing a simple, but handy, lan slideshow app (NetSlide) I went on to work on a game with certain restrictions (800×480 res, Android 1.5) to be used on the tablet (but also on phones, hopefully).
Testers on different Android devices are welcomed to download and give me some feedback, there sure will be errors in this release, specially on untested targets (tested on Apad 800×480, 400×320, Android 1.5 and emulated 2.2). If you find a bug please report detailing steps to reproduce. You can use a report application to send me the log errors, like this.
I have a good java knowledge, but those google guys gave me trouble with the development on Android 1.5: the sound support is pretty bad and some touch flood event quite annoying! In any case, I’m quite happy with the result of the effort and look forward on fine tuning it further with your support.
So, on the game itself, it’s no Angry birds, but should be entertaining! The tutorials and the story (drafted) are currently missing but here’s the important stuff just to get started.
gameplay basics:
– you move the thief by dragging him around. Touching the screen stops the movement, allowing to drag a new path
– you have to take the treasure (touch screen when near it) without being caught by guards (cameras and lasers will alert them)
– there are panels and doors that will need to be unlocked in order to progress. When near one of those, touching the screen will open a minigame (you’ll have to guess gameplay for now) that needs to be solved in order to hack it (failing raises the alarm)
– the drag time determines the speed of the thief (a swift drag means a quick move). Going too fast will cause noise that the guards can hear.
– drag from left to right to pause/restart/quit.

known issues:
– goes slow on emulated Android 2.2 (dunno on real device)
– only one difficulty level (need to do some balancing)
– not responsive at the beginning, sometimes
– sound crashes on resuming
– currently just some sample levels

todo (might work on some of those depending on your support):
– awarded stars progress
– custom maps
– additional minigames and features
– difficulty settings
– tutorials and storyline
– additional sprites (e.g. treasures other than the money bag)
– loading times and notifications improvement (e.g. restarting/loading level)
– more levels
– improve quality for some sounds
– PC port (half done since most of the java code is shared)
– other languages (at least for the story)
– reduce download size
– other minor details

Here’s a nice video of current version:

and here’s the old blurry preview:

The game is available for free download in the Android Market…


2 Respostes to “White glove, beta…”

  1. trong Says:

    When will you release an update?

    • loxai Says:

      Thank you for your interest. I am quite busy with other projects right now and I don’t think I’ll be making a full blown game out of White Glove anytime soon… I wish I had more time to dedicate to it…

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